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A Fine Byron Brew

Updated: Mar 26

Bun coffee ignites the inner coffee lover in you, specialising in organic, fair trade, rainforest alliance, Australian grown coffee.

The Byron Bay coffee roaster supplies freshly roasted coffee beans to cafes and retailers across Australia. A long-standing reputation built on creating unique, high-quality coffee and personalised service, Bun Coffee offers up to 35 blends of single origin coffee from around the globe.

From Australia to Hawaii to Madagascar and the Himalayas, a Bun Coffee takes your tastebuds on a trip around the world.

Master roaster, owner and coffee connoisseur David Kennedy sources and educates himself in the highest quality coffee beans on offer. From his first roast back in 2005, David’s love of coffee and the industry behind the exotic bean has never waned.

The name Bun can be traced back to the origins of coffee in the Kaffa Forests of Ethiopia, where coffee is called Buna. For David, it is reminiscent of a time where he owned and operated a French Patisserie in the Sydney suburb of Glebe, fondly known as the ‘sticky bun shop’, and the name Bun stuck.

There’s also a friendly pop-up café at the front of the Byron Bay roastery, a place for the neighbourhood to gather, with a selection of tasty treats, single origin blends, bulk coffee beans and blended teas to choose from.

Freshly roasted beans by quality roasters create every Bun cup’s unique taste. Bun Coffee is committed to delivering ethical, sustainable coffee and ensures its roasters are educated in the coffee-making process from the ground up.

There is more to a cup of Bun Coffee than meets the palate.

Discover more at buncoffee.com.au


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