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We talk to local artist Dylan Cooper about his limited edition Halcyon House art series and how the local lifestyle of the Northern Rivers inspires his work.

As the former breakfast chef at Halcyon House, Dylan Cooper applied masterful skills to creating satiating dishes that evoked the hotel’s relaxed coastal vibe (so good were they that Paper Daisy was awarded the “best hotel breakfast” in 2018 by Gourmet Traveller!). Now, as an established artist, he’s taken inspiration from the hotel he spent so much time in to create a limited edition series of artworks called ‘The Halcyon Series’.

“I loved the early mornings at Halcyon, beachfront in one of the most beautiful spaces I’ve worked in,” says Dylan of his time in the Paper Daisy kitchen. “Plus, I got to paint by lunchtime and pick the kids up from school — bonus!”

It was a natural progression to taking up a stint as Artist in Residence at Halcyon House. Dylan created a body of six works capturing the luxury abode’s signature white lines and colourful, textured interiors in a limited edition, signed collection of paintings.

“Initially, I thought I would add people to the compositions for this series, but after several studies of the first work, ‘Wishing Well’, I felt that leaving any human existence out of the paintings conveyed a feeling of the hotel’s secluded luxury,” Dylan says of the evocative art series. “The world-class styling by Anna Spiro and the amazing photographic work that photographer, Kara Rosenlund, has captured at Halcyon House also inspired my work on this series. Even now, after the residency at Halcyon House, I have continued to paint many more compositions.”

A select few are now available for purchase as prints through the hotel’s boutique, Halcyon Atelier, and the original paintings from the first series are available through Dylan’s website.

Born and raised in the Northern Rivers (having grown up in Fingal and now lucky to call Cabarita Beach home), Dylan says that the region’s stunning natural environment and lifestyle continue to give him daily inspiration for his art. “It is super hard not to be inspired in this part of the world. We really do live in paradise, and every day I am confronted by several images I want to paint,” he says. “From landscapes, still life, or people from the area, I could paint several images a day and still only scratch the surface of what this amazing place offers. Being able to go for a morning surf, grab a bite to eat and a coffee and head to the studio for the day is a blessing and, for sure, has something to do with my artistic style.”

Discover more at dylancooperart.com


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