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As one of the Northern Rivers’ most beloved stores and a destination in its own right, Fabulous Mrs Fox is the OG of the collectable and the cool in Brunswick Heads.

For the last decade, Fabulous Mrs Fox has been an icon of Bruns, so we thought it fit to sit down with the owner and the (equally fabulous!) Parri Wieckmann, to talk a little more about her colourful world, in-store and beyond.

First things first, introduce yourself — who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Parri Wieckmann, and I am the owner of Fabulous Mrs Fox located in beautiful Brunswick Heads.

Tell us more — how did it all start, and how has the store evolved to what it is today?

Fabulous Mrs Fox has been trading for around 11 years, and I managed the store for the original owners for about five years before purchasing it from them in 2019. I absolutely loved the shop so much that I treated it as my own, so I didn’t hesitate when the opportunity came up to purchase it.

What kind of an experience have you tried to create for your customers and your community?

Fabulous Mrs Fox’s aesthetic is whimsical with a bit of vintage as well as new and quirky. I try to keep it interesting; I’m always looking for new products (firstly local and secondly Australian made) to keep the interest alive. We have so many regulars from local to interstate visitors that travel here every year. It would get so boring for them if they kept seeing the same thing every time they walked into the shop, plus there are so many new artisans popping up around here and further afield that deserve to be shared with as many people as possible.

Tell us about your neighbourhood, where you live, and what you love most about your community?

When I first came up from the Northern Beaches of Sydney 20 years ago, Brunswick Heads was a quaint seaside town. Fast forward to today, and it is full of fabulous shops, absolutely delicious cafes and restaurants, and what I consider to be the best pub in the Northern Rivers. It’s a town for every interest, but it’s not too big to be overwhelming, which is something I absolutely love.

Which other local artists, designers or creatives are you most inspired by at the moment?

I love one of our most recent labels that have come on board. Wandering Folk is a brand started locally with gorgeous picnic rugs (which we stock) and is now an international success. Seeing where and how it started, to where it is today, is a truly inspirational story and should inspire others to know that what you apply yourself to can make your dreams come true.

What is up next for you and Fabulous Mrs Fox? What should we be keeping an eye out for?

Coming into the Christmas period, we are super busy, not only with all our beautiful customers, but we also started a charity three years ago called the Brunswick Heads Community Christmas Tree.

It involves putting up a Christmas tree out the front of Fabulous Mrs Fox, which is filled with tags that have the age of children from one up to 13 years old. People who would like to donate then come and pick a tag, get an appropriate gift from wherever they choose and then drop it back to the shop.

On 23rd December, I drop off all the donated gifts to local community groups to hand out to local children that might not be as blessed as others in our area.

Last year, well over 100 Christmas presents were handed over to smiling faces that might not have been otherwise. So, if you visit Bruns leading up to Christmas, keep an eye out for the Bruns Community Christmas Tree if you would like to donate a gift.

Other than this we are looking forward to having people be able to visit us again and enjoy our beautiful little town.

Discover more at Fabulous Mrs Fox, 10 Park Street, Brunswick Heads. fabulousmrsfox.com


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