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In the heart of Robina, a culinary gem and an eco-conscious event space are changing the way we experience food and gatherings. Green Fields Bar + Restaurant and Robina Events Centre, both situated within TAFE Queensland’s Robina campus, are setting new standards in sustainability and affordability.

Green Fields Bar + Restaurant has swiftly garnered a reputation for its innovative approach to dining. With a menu inspired by sustainability and a design that captures the natural beauty of the hinterland, it's a place where diners can savour not just a meal but a complete experience.

To welcome the warmer months, Green Fields has a new summer menu, featuring fresh crisp flavours and seasonal produce sourced locally to support our farmers. All food waste is converted into nutrient-rich compost, which is then generously donated to a local community garden where staff and students volunteer throughout the year.

Green Fields is also a nurturing ground for future industry professionals with students from TAFE Queensland’s Robina campus learning alongside a dedicated team of industry experts. These students, pursuing courses in Commercial Cookery and Hospitality, receive invaluable hands-on experience in a live venue. By dining at Green Fields, you're not only relishing in outstanding food and service but also actively contributing to the development of the next generation of culinary maestros.

Meanwhile, Robina Events Centre, located on the upper levels of the TAFE Queensland Robina campus, echoes the Green Fields ethos of sustainability and quality. This state-of-the-art event space is a testament to innovation and ecological responsibility. The centre is thoughtfully designed to minimise its environmental impact, aiming to lead the way in eco-friendly event venues in the Gold Coast.

This versatile event space offers eight multi-purpose function rooms, ensuring it caters to events of all scales, from intimate gatherings to grand functions and weddings. Whether you require a spacious foyer with roof projection, breakout rooms, a theatre or an adaptable tech-savvy grand event space, the Robina Events Centre is equipped to meet your needs and deliver a memorable experience.

What makes Green Fields Bar + Restaurant and Robina Events Centre truly exceptional is their shared commitment to sustainability, quality, and education. These establishments are not just places to dine and celebrate; they are hubs of progress and learning. By choosing them, you are endorsing a philosophy that places the planet's well-being and future professionals at its core.

When dining at Green Fields or hosting an event at Robina Events Centre, you're partaking in a movement that seeks to create a better world, one plate and event at a time.

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