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Written by Kirra Smith

As the concept of brands ‘giving back’ gains momentum, more businesses are being created with the altruistic intention of paying it forward - to the community, to charities, to the Earth and to each other.

We’ve discovered some world-renowned brands built on our own sunshiney shores, making it their mission to not only spread positivity but give back in unique and inspiring ways.

One such brand is LIVIN, a Gold Coast-born non-profit organisation founded by Casey Lyons and Sam Webb in memory of their mate Dwayne Lalley who took his own life after suffering silently with a mental illness. “LIVIN started in 2013 after we lost a great man to suicide” says Casey. “We wanted to turn that heartbreak into a legacy.”

Realising early on that, although there were many great mental health organisations, there was also a significant gap, Casey and Sam set out to do something different. “Many organisations focus on diagnosis and treatment, rather than prevention - only offering interaction and assistance in reaction to an individual's health deteriorating to the point of mental illness.”

Instead, the boys wanted to create a brand that people could interact with whether they were having a good or a bad day, and set out to empower people by way of delivering a LIVINWell mental health program free of charge into schools and businesses around the country. “Through the amazing support of our partners and wonderful community-based fundraisers we are able to empower those suffering in silence to share their struggles and to equip people with the right tools to encourage and support one another” says Casey.

Garnering world-wide attention with the renowned hashtag #itaintweaktospeak, the brand is championed by some of the biggest names, including Chris Hemsworth. So how can we help? Besides buying merchandise, you can donate on the website with a one-off or ongoing payment; which of course goes towards spreading this valuable message where it’s needed most.

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Good Intentions Co. was born of brothers Aaron and Adrian Andre who dreamt of creating a brand ‘doing better’. “My brother and I always wanted to run our own business” says Aaron, “and from the start, the plan was to give back to the community in some way, shape, or form.”

The idea grew after Aaron saw a woman in a bright yellow dress strolling down the street and thought, 'This lady does not look like she is about to rob a bank, she looks like she has good intentions'. A funny thought he took back to his brother, and which ultimately set the ball rolling on a project they could call their own. “I hit him up with the idea of starting a clothing brand called Good Intentions Co.”

Offering quality tees with great designs, the next step was to bring their Giving Back Initiative into being. Through this initiative, Good Intentions Co. donates 10% of each sale to one of three amazing charities—Beyond Blue, RizeUp and Foodbank. “We're all about threads with a purpose” says Aaron, “and aim to make people feel good about looking good.”

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The Undercurrent is another Gold Coast brand born from a love of local culture and community and the desire to “flaunt the Gold Coast through the eyes of locals”. And that they do, with a collection of T-shirts designed by local artists depicting suburbs within the city. Not only supporting our artists, The Undercurrent also donates $2 from every shirt purchased to Surf Lifesaving Queensland, a volunteer-based community service organisation.

Entrepreneur and owner of the brand Carly King says, “I started The Undercurrent as an ode to the Gold Coast. I love this city, the people that make it tick and the unique vibe of each ‘burb within it. I chose to share the icons of each area in a quirky way utilising local artists in the design of each shirt.”

With most people associating surf culture with the Gold Coast, it made sense to Carly to connect with Surf Life Saving QLD who volunteer tirelessly throughout the year to keep our beaches safe. “It also tied in nicely with our name” she says. “The Undercurrent, works two-fold as a surf term but also a reference to the culture shift on the Gold Coast that is apparent just below surface level” she says.

And it’s not only the tourists who have jumped on board, it’s the locals who are proud as punch to wear these shirts and showcase the fabulous part of the world they live in.

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