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Casey Barnes A Golden Voice Takes Flight

Interview by Karen Kinnersly

He's conquered the charts and captured us with his infectious energy and heartfelt lyrics. Casey Barnes, the Gold Coast's golden boy of country music, is on a meteoric rise and his latest single, "God Took His Time On You," just hit ARIA gold.

Beyond the accolades and sold-out shows, what drives this passionate artist? We sat down with Casey to delve into his music, his inspirations, and the magic of connecting with fans on a global stage.

Congratulations on receiving your first ARIA gold record for your single 'God Took His Time On You'. How does it feel to achieve such a milestone in your career?

Look if you’d have told me any of the things that have happened to me over the last 12-18 months would happen when I was first starting out, I’d have never believed you! It’s just been surreal and something I’ll never take for granted.

Can you share with us the story behind the song ‘God Took His Time On You’ and what inspired you to write it?

The song really started out as a dedication to my wife, but to see it connect with so many people around the world has blown me away. I was fortunate enough to team up with two incredible song writers in Nashville who have become great friends and it all really started with how to capture the ultimate tribute to your partner. It’s pretty tough to beat the lyric ‘when heaven dreamt you up, God took his time on you.’

How does it feel to be the only Australian artist on the lineup for Stagecoach in California this April!?

Its genuinely a dream come true. Playing Stagecoach has been on the bucket list for nearly a decade and the lineup for this year is insane - with the likes of everyone from Morgan Wallen, Willie Nelson, the Beach Boys, Post Malone and the list goes on. It’s the ‘Coachella of country music’, in the same location, 75,000 people and one massive party. We can’t wait!!

Your album ‘Light It Up’ has been a massive success. Can you give us a sneak peek into what we can expect from your upcoming studio album in 2024?

I’m so excited about this next record. I don’t think I’ve put more work into anything I’ve released up until now like I have with these new songs. You always want to make sure your next album is a step up from your last and I really feel that this one is, even with all the success we had with ‘Light It Up’. I’ve been able to push the boundaries a bit, work with some incredible writers and producers both here and in the States. Stay tuned because it’ll be out soon!

Your current single ‘Miracles’ is receiving a lot of love from fans. Can you tell us what it means to you personally?

It was so good to team up again with Sam and Kaci from Brown & Gray to co-write ‘Miracles’. Something magic always seems to happen when the three of us get in a room. Miracles has such a positive message, all about those sliding door moments in life and the power of how the right relationship can bring you out of even the darkest places

You've had an incredible year with multiple award wins and chart-topping singles. What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Geez that’s a tough question… It’d be a toss-up between winning my first ARIA last year along with my first Golden Guitar. I’m fortunate to have the most amazing fans and team behind me.

As a proud Gold Coaster, what do you love most about calling this place home and how has it influenced your music and overall lifestyle?

I love the fact that you can still base yourself here on the GC and have success. Back in the old days there was often an expectation that you’d have to move to Sydney or Melbourne, but now we’ve got so much talent here in our own back yard. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!

Your live shows are known for being electrifying. Can you give us a glimpse into what fans can expect from your upcoming tours in Australia and the U.S?

We’re literally working through that as we speak. It’ll be a brand-new show, lots of surprises, a bigger band lineup and lots of energy. It’s my favourite part of creating music for a living -there’s nothing better than playing live and that connection you get between you and your audience.

With over 60 million combined streams, your music undeniably resonates with fans worldwide. How does it feel to know that your songs have touched the lives of so many people?

Yeah, that part still blows me away. It really hit home when we were on tour in the US last year and the crowd were singing the words to the songs back to me. There’s no better feeling!


Best beach: Currumbin

Fave local coffee spot: The Salt Mill, Currumbin

A place to escape: Currumbin Valley

Local restaurants you like to dine at: We love Mr Hizola’s in Burleigh

Place to chill with family and friends: Nothing better than some of the local cafes where we live in Currumbin


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