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Get ready to turn up the volume and dive into the electrifying world of the Stafford Brothers! With their infectious beats and chart-topping hits, this dynamic duo has been taking the music industry by storm. From their latest buzzworthy track "Bruk Up" to their unforgettable collaborations with artists like Lil Wayne, the Stafford Brothers are a force to be reckoned with. In this exclusive interview, we chat with Chris, one half of the dynamic duo, delving into their inspiration, upcoming projects, and their deep connection to the vibrant music scene of the Gold Coast.


"Bruk Up" has been generating incredible buzz from fans and critics alike. Chris, can you share what sets it apart from your previous releases?

Bruk Up features Kris Kiss from England who was also on another one our songs “Detonate.” We really focussed on a sound that we could play in our sets. We also collaborated with Deorro, G4bba feat. Alè Kumá – Cascabel, and we got to debut the song on the Main Stage of Ultra in Miami with Deorro, which was a huge moment for us this year!

As GC locals, what do you love most about calling this place home - how has it influenced your music and overall lifestyle?

We love the weather and the beach. Our music has always been uplifting and happy and I would say the weather is a huge part of that. We are also into keeping fit and the Gold Coast is one of the best places in the world to do that. We believe it’s all about a balance of extremes. Out partying late and then sweat it out at the gym or beach.

The Gold Coast boasts a vibrant music scene. How has being a part of this community shaped your career and artistic vision?

The Gold Coast is where our career began. We’ve run club nights, owned nightclubs and played countless festivals that have shaped our sound over the years. The reason we’re still DJ’ing is only because of the amazing Gold Coast community supporting us and giving us a career. The scene has constantly evolved, and we have forward-thinking world-class venues that take advantage of the amazing weather the Gold Coast has to offer. I also think the Gold Coast cultivates a great local music scene with Radio Metro. It supports Gold Coast and Australian artists, and they are on point with their musical selection.

You've performed in various cities around the world. Are there any venues or festivals that hold a special place in your hearts?

Ibiza always holds a special place for us. We went there for the first time years ago and that influenced the sound we DJ’d. When we came back to the Gold Coast, we started running a night and playing the sound we’d heard there. We are still going back and were there in Ibiza this year for 3 months.

You've also worked with some incredible artists throughout your journey. Who’s one of your most memorable collaborations?

One of our most memorable collaborations was with Lil Wayne. Working with an iconic artist like him was huge for our career. It’s still one of our most successful songs and it happened early on when we moved to America. I remember flying from Australia to LA to film the music video for “Hello”. Straight from the airport to film in our house with Christina Milian, Lil Wayne, loads of people and two live kangaroos!

The music industry is constantly evolving. How do you stay ahead of the game and continue to innovate in your sound and performances?

Seeing other artists perform can spark an idea or add to our performance. These days, social media is a way to be ahead of the game. Everything is constantly evolving. If you look at the example of how we consume music, it has gone from vinyl, to CD’s, to downloads, to today’s streaming industry. Everyone had to evolve. AI will be something that will change the music industry. We have no idea how it will yet, but we will have to evolve and adapt to the new technology. The best thing to do is not resist it, open your mind to the change and learn. You’re either going to be left behind or you can adapt, innovate, and evolve.

Can you give us a sneak peek into any exciting projects or collaborations in the pipeline?

We have a new song out soon called “Turn Up The Volume” with Taylr Renee. We’re pumped about the song as it’s a new direction in sound. We’re constantly evolving, and this will lead into a more up-tempo sound for 2024.

Finally, what's next for the Stafford Brothers? What goals are you currently pursuing?

A major focus for us is Jack MGMT. It’s our management company that looks after nine artists such as Timmy Trumpet, Restricted and Dimatik. Check it out on We have made many mistakes in our career because we didn’t have guidance. We learnt from those mistakes and our goal is to guide our artists, so they don’t make the same ones as us.


Favourite beach: Around the North Burleigh/Miami area is our go to

Favourite local coffee spot: M.A.I.D. - An amazing hidden coffee shop that does one of the best espressos on the Gold Coast. Without question, it has the best barista on the GC!

Favourite place to escape: We always go to our parents’ house to escape. Our Mum “Trish The Dish” is an amazing cook and always puts on an amazing home cooked meal. Time with friends and family at our parents’ house is the best way to unwind and we always roll out of there full after eating far too much!

Favourite local restaurants or places to dine: Rick Shores is a winner when we come back from overseas. We always over order on the bug rolls and dumplings. We always get the chicken sandwich at Tarte in Burleigh (and maybe a burrito if we’re over ordering with Nate Myles!) Social Eating House and the Lamb Shop always gets a run in Broadbeach. Special mention to “Trish the Dish" who is our private chef for home cooked meals.

Favourite spot to chill and have a blast with family and friends?: We seem to never chill when we are on the Gold Coast and always end out somewhere. Cali Beach is always a great time, and we always seem to end up at Nightjar. If we did chill it would be on Burleigh Hill … and then end up at Nightjar.


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