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Independence and Inspiration Inside the World of Ziggy Alberts

Interview by Karen Kinnersly

In a world where music serves as a powerful medium for connection and expression, Ziggy Alberts has carved out a unique path for himself as an independent artist. From his roots as a surfer and environmentalist to his chart-topping albums and captivating live performances, Ziggy's journey is one of authenticity and passion.

Ziggy, how did you begin your musical journey?

My parents bought me a guitar as a finishing school present. I was 16 years old and at that time, I was already writing for my personal blog and for surfing magazines – I started writing songs at the same time as learning guitar, which turned out to be a very natural extension of my expressive creative interests as a whole. Thanks mum and dad!

Who has been the most influential musical figure in your life?

Ben Howard and Jack Johnson are some of my favourite artists. Ben Howard’s take on folk music is so unique. When I discovered him in 2012, he opened up a whole new world for me. Horrorshow inspire me, because they really opened my up eyes to the depth of storytelling possible through lyrics. I love listening to Latin-infused dance music, because it’s just a big vibe.

How you are gearing up for the big year of international touring? What you are most excited about?

Last year, when I was in the UK on my REWIND World Tour, I started writing new music, which I’ve been in the zone recording in studio at Ocean Shores. My 2024 New Love World Tour is the start of a new chapter for me; being inspired by my roots busking in the streets of Byron Bay. I’m excited to be sharing music that I’ve written purposefully to be played live, in beautiful venues across the globe.

How has your background as a surfer and environmentalist influenced your song writing and overall musical style?

It's important to me because I feel we belong to the earth, in a literal sense. We are the environment. Without the harmony of a healthy natural world, there is no us.

Music is a great way to share a message because the words are attached to song and feeling. I think people are more open to listening to what you have to say as a result of the love you can express with the words.

As an independent artist, what are some of the challenges you've faced along your journey?

I've been told so many things aren't possible over the years regarding music and frankly, most of them are possible, if you’re willing to take on the responsibility and the risk. The pros and cons are two sides of responsibility; all the reward, all the risk. Being independent, I can say what I actually want to say. There is nobody refusing to release my work. I am liable and responsible for everything, which is a lot of pressure but I like it like that!

What inspired you to establish your own independent record label and book publishing house?

Curiosity of the road less travelled. I was very curious to find out what it might be like to do it ourselves - to stay independent and have international success on our own terms. I was also inspired by other independent artists. I stand on the shoulders of giants - all the independent artists around the world who’ve gone before me and it's pretty cool to be continuing that legacy. it's been the best decision ever.

Your latest album 'DANCING IN THE DARK' has been met with critical acclaim. What was the creative process behind this album and the themes you explore?

There has been an evolution of my work I think in two major ways; the lyrical content and the mixing. Topically, this is a love/protest album that is a timecode for the last couple years, and mixing wise, we really went a different direction to our previous work.

We made this album over 12 months, and it was pretty intense. The title track is ultimately a story about dancing in the dark, which sums up the endeavour and spirit of this whole record - singing and digging deep into courage and joy in the face of sadness and chaos.

Your live performances are known for their personal connection with the audience. How do you manage to create that special bond during your shows?

Music, even if played in front of hundreds of people, is something intimate for me. No matter how many you play the music to, it reaches one person at a time. Of course, the most intimate is when you play to a small group of people... but I always try to bring the same feeling to each performance.

Achieving ARIA Double Platinum certification for 'Laps Around the Sun' is a remarkable milestone. What does this accomplishment mean to you as an artist?

It means so much. Any award that is driven by people listening makes me very happy.

This will be your third Bluesfest performance. What can fans expect this year?

People are in for a heck of a show. We are pulling out all the stops.

You've spent a significant amount of time in Byron Bay and have a strong connection to the area. What initially attracted you to this beautiful region?

I would say it’s the place I began discovering who I truly I am today.

Besides your busy touring schedule, what other plans do you have for 2024?

I’ll be bringing a taste of my New Love World Tour to Bluesfest. Plus, I have some new music and other big projects that I’ll keep under wraps for now!


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