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The benefits of bathing culture have been embraced by the Gold Coast locals and we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful bathhouses. There are numerous health benefits to be gained from bathing including reduced inflammation, relaxed muscles, improved immunity and mood, increased metabolism, and better sleep.

Written by Kate Veling


For anyone feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and stressed out, a 90-minute soak session will do wonders for your physical and mental state. This calming ritual is a powerful antidote to the affliction of busy-ness - slow down, switch off your phone, disconnect from the outside world and let yourself just be. Invest in your wellbeing with a soothing immersive experience that could quickly become an important part of your self-care routine.

The Bathhouse at Ground - Currumbin

For a truly tranquil bathhouse experience, head inland along a winding road to the shady, subtropical surrounds of Currumbin Valley. Here you’ll find The Bathhouse at Ground where the traditional type of bathing is combined with the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing. The lush, landscaped gardens of this stunning bathhouse are sheltered under the sprawling limbs of an ancient Moreton Bay Fig.

Ease yourself in the soothing waters of the magnesium enriched hot tubs and hydrotherapy spas, lie back, gaze up through the branches and feel the tension melt from your muscles and mind. A circular cold plunge pool, woodfired sauna, therapeutic cold bath and infrared sauna round out the bathing experience, which will leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and calm.

In the beautiful old Queenslander adjoining the bathhouse, book in for bespoke facials, spa treatments and a range of massages in light, bright treatment rooms. Consultations with a naturopath or nutritionist are also on offer if you’re ready to enhance your health on every level.


Soak Bathhouse - Mermaid Beach

This elegant urban bathhouse in Mermaid Beach promotes the benefits of bathing as a form of self-care, stress relief and as a wellness ritual that’s enhanced by social connection. After suffering the effects of burnout on her health and relationships, CEO and co-founder, Alexis Dyson, was inspired to embrace a more holistic approach to wellness, and wanted to create a space where others could too. And so, Soak Bathhouse came into being as a place where people who are feeling frazzled can press the reset button.

Begin in the heated hydrotherapy pools before hitting the sauna and steam room to raise your body temperature and get a glow going. Then take a breath and brace yourself for a dip in the 12°C cold plunge that will leave your skin tingling, before beginning the cycle again. Apart from making you feel amazing, there are numerous physiological benefits to be gained from this process and the magnesium absorbed through your skin will make you sleep like a baby.

The aesthetics and ambiance here are geared towards social soaking, with plenty of room and expansive facilities. While many bathhouses only allow quiet conversation, connecting with friends is encouraged at Soak, laughter is welcomed, and you can include a couple of alcoholic beverages with the Sip & Soak package (non-alcoholic drinks are also available). Weekends are often more social, while weekdays are perfect for a quieter experience. Massages, LED facials and an Infrared sauna are on offer and if you like to combine work with leisure, there’s a chic communal co-working space with desks to rent by the day or hour.


Greenhouse The Bathhouse - Tallebudgera Valley

While Greenhouse the Bathhouse has been a local favourite for many years, this wellness venue has undergone a major glow up with their recent relocation to a stunning spot in Tallebudgera Valley.

The new Greenhouse Bathhouse has been meticulously designed to create an oasis of calm, and you’ll feel a sense of peace wash over you as soon as you set foot inside the tranquil space. It has an intimate, boutique feel with bubbling magnesium hydrotherapy pool and cold plunge under eaves of a gabled patio in a pretty Med-style courtyard garden. Sweat it out in the steam room and red cedar sauna then relax under eucalyptus trees on the sun dappled terrace with a glass of bubbles or kombucha.

Minimal design, soft hues, and low lighting in the six sleek treatment rooms create the feeling of being cocooned in calm and an intuitive massage from one of the skilled therapists will have you floating out the door in a state of bliss. Drift next door to the beautiful dining room of Greenhouse Canteen, where you can round out your wellness experience with a mouth-watering plant-based meal. The restaurant has been moved from its original Miami location to bring both Greenhouse experiences under one very lovely roof.


Native State - Kirra

Journey to a state of harmony at the Gold Coast's newest wellness destination, Native State. Located in Kirra, it's the first of its kind, combining a stunning bathhouse with a studio gym for a holistic approach to wellbeing. Helmed by Gold Coast local, Taylor Cecil, a Holistic Movement and Peak Performance Specialist, Native State was designed to combine science with aesthetics to support physical and mental health.

Creating a real sense of sanctuary, this serene space is all clean lines, luxe fittings and finishes and state of the art facilities. Restore your sense of calm as you rotate between an infrared sauna, heated vitality pool, cold plunge pool, steam room, traditional cedar sauna and meditation lounge. Studio classes available are centred around functional movement, including yoga and breathwork, resistance training, weights and cardio. Become a member to enjoy the facilities unlimited or visit for a casual studio class or soak session.

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