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Step into a World of Wonder at OTHERWORLD Byron Bay's Newest Immersive Art Gallery

A new beacon of creativity and innovation is set to light up Byron Bay. OTHERWORLD, the most unique immersive, light and art gallery in Australia, is ready to captivate audiences with its mesmerising display of colour and light, promising to transport visitors to a realm where art, technology, and imagination collide.

"We have curated a group of brilliant artists from around the world and from our own region, to create a place for both locals and visitors of all ages to explore, enjoy, and be enraptured," says OTHERWORLD co-founder Simon Richardson. "OTHERWORLD is not just a gallery, it's an experience. A place where each step is a discovery, each corner a canvas of colour."

From interactive kinetic artworks to 360-degree experiences, OTHERWORLD offers a diverse range of installations that invite audiences to step into a world of wonder. One of the standout pieces, The Divine Touch by artist Lumos, transforms the audience's touch into a dance of ethereal light and colour, creating a spellbinding journey of awe and wonder.

Lumos shared his inspiration behind The Divine Touch: "I wanted to create an interactive experience that would engage the audience on a sensory level. By allowing them to physically interact with the artwork, I hope to evoke a sense of wonder and connection to the world around them."

Another highlight is Inner Drift (variation #2) by artist Simon Burgin; an interactive animated work that encourages audiences to consider chaos, order and complexity through body movement. Burgin explains, "I wanted to create a piece that would challenge viewers to explore their own inner experiences and how they relate to the world at large. By inviting them to physically engage with the artwork, I hope to spark a deeper sense of introspection and connection."

But perhaps the most striking installation at OTHERWORLD is ‘Ngarindjin’/Eagle by artist Andy Forbes, in consultation with the late Minjungbal elder Uncle Magpie. This majestic eagle sculpture, with its 8-metre wingspan, embodies the spirit of the wedge-tailed eagle, a primary animal totem of the area. As visitors gaze up at the sculpture, they are reminded of the ancestral spirits that watch over them, keeping them safe.

In addition to the immersive art installations, OTHERWORLD also offers a 360-degree projection dome, the only one of its kind in the northern rivers area. This dome provides a truly immersive experience, allowing visitors to step into award-winning films from around the world. Currently playing is Labyrinth by artist Sergey Prokofyey; a visual journey through a fantastical labyrinth that challenges viewers to rethink their perception of space and time.

OTHERWORLD is at the forefront of a revolution, bringing cutting-edge technology and artistry to the creative hub of Byron Bay. As visitors step into OTHERWORLD, they are not just spectators, but active participants in a transformative entertainment experience.

To complement the immersive art installations, OTHERWORLD also features Ayusoma, an elixir bar offering signature handcrafted elixirs. Visitors can sip on these unique concoctions as they explore the gallery, adding an extra layer of sensory delight to their experience.

OTHERWORLD is set to become a must-visit destination for locals and tourists alike. Whether you're a seasoned art enthusiast or simply looking for a new and exciting experience, OTHERWOLRD promises to captivate and inspire all who step through its doors.

For further information and tickets visit and prepare to be enchanted by the magic of OTHERWORLD. It’s unlike anything you've ever experienced before.


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