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In a world where music has the power to touch hearts and transcend boundaries, Kyle Lionhart has emerged as a rising star, captivating audiences with his soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Hailing from the picturesque coastal town of Byron Bay, Lionhart's journey as a musician has been nothing short of extraordinary. From humble beginnings busking on the streets to performing on renowned stages, his unique blend of folk, blues, and indie-pop has garnered him a devoted following. Join us as we unravel the soulful journey of Kyle Lionhart, a talented artist poised to make a mark on the music industry.

Interview by Karen Kinnersly

Firstly, could you share with us how you first became involved in the music scene and when your journey began?

I was 21, depressed, my partner had just given birth to our son Izaiah & we were living in our friends garage. The only thing I really knew how to do was work hard & write songs. I vowed to my newly born son that 1. I would change my life around so I could be a better father and be someone worth looking up to. 2. That I would get us out of the shitty living situation we’d found ourselves in. This is the funny part, I promised to do this with my music but when you make a promise to someone you love more than life, you commit! So I brought a busking amp and starting playing my music on the streets of Byron Bay, this is where it began & this is what also got me just about everything else good that came to my music career (record deal, manager & fans around the world)

Your latest single, “Everything We Wanted” has been receiving great feedback. Can you tell usthe story behind the song and what inspired you to create it?

I think we spend too much time focusing on the negatives parts of ourselves and forget to really thank ourselves for the work we’ve done to be where and who we are now so I wrote this song to remind myself (and others) to really appreciate what you’ve gone through to get to where you are now !

The collaboration with Kim Churchill on the track “Go Try Fall”; is fantastic. How did thatpartnership come about, and what was it like working with him?

Kim & I have been fans of each others work for years & after a little surf together when he was up visiting the northern rivers we decided we should make something together, the rest just kinda fell into place.

Living in the Northern Rivers must have its perks. What do you love most about the area, and how does it fuel your creative energy?

Most definitely the surfing, for both the reasons. I don’t really get creative ideas whilst surfing but the headspace after my surf always brings a lot of clarity.

How has the local music scene supported your growth as an artist?

Back when I first started busking, I was hitting the streets with other similar artist (Ziggy Alberts, Tay Oskee, Garrett Kato) we pushed each other, a bit of healthy competition in a way, like who could sell the most CD’s or how many followers did you get tonight haha

Your participation in the We Are Alive Series must have been an incredible experience. How did it feel to be part of such a renowned music series in Australia?

It’s always a real pleasure to have a team put so much time and care into capturing your art, I was honoured to be asked to come and share.

We would love to hear about your recent experience at the We Are Alive Event in Byron Bay, alongside Ottway the Label. Can you share some highlights with us?

This would have to go down as one of my favourite Byron shows. To share music in a space where people really care about music is a special feeling.

Finally, can you give us a sneak peek into what exciting things Kyle Lionhart has in store for 2024?

I’m currently working on a new album, I’ve got some more over seas shows to announce very soon & I’m working on a special series that I’ll be running through my Instagram involving lots of collaborations with touring artist from around the world.

Let us in on your LOCALE FAVES:

Favourite beach: The Pass

Favourite local coffee spot: Old Maids

Favourite place to escape: Whites Beach

Favourite local restaurants or places to dine: No Bones

Favourite spot to chill and have a blast with family and friends?: Wategoes beachside


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